Letz Fetz  

DJ by Planlos Wien / Producer by Prosonus


My DJ career started at 2003 as a member of UGA (United Gabbers Austria) and was one of the first acts in Austria that played Frenchcore and Industrial. Here a Frenchcore-Mix of 2006.

2015, called me an old good friend, Dj Nima :) He say: "Hey Franz, whats up! I want to make Planlos Wien, a DJ-Booking Agency." I say: STRONG! I'm your men." Since then I am a proud Planlos member.

2017, I founded Prosonus a sublabel of Multitask Records.

The first release of Prosonus came out in May 2017 with the number "Letz Fetz - BussiBear"


Frenchcore & Industrial Hardcore


07.12.2003 Corefloor 1, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

23.12.2003 Corefloor X-Mas Edition, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

05.06.2004 Hardcore Giants, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

09.10.2004 Corefloor 3, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

13.11.2004 10 Years NARG Entertainment, Super Sonic Club, Budapest/HU

11.12.2004 Ultra Infestation 2, Atletikai Centrum, Budapest/HU

19.04.2005 Corefloor 4, Stadthalle, Bruck/Leitha

21.05.2005 Electronic Nightmare, Area 51, Wien

09.07.2005 Hardcore Explosion, Super Sonic Club, Budapest/HU

26.11.2005 Brian Cracking 6, Duna Club, Bratislava/SK

25.12.2005 Corefloor X-Mas, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

27.05.2006 Corefloor 5, Disco Nova, Bruck/Leitha

03.06.2006 Infection, Weberknecht, Wien

22.06.2006 Hardcore Gians, Grand Sala, Wien

05.08.2006 Hellkick, The Zoo, Wien

30.09.2006 Groundflash, Yacht Club, Brno/CZ

13.01.2007 Groundflash, Yacht Club, Brno/CZ

27.05.2007 Club.Lab:., Club U96, Wien

23.06.2007 Boadtrip, Das Boot, Wien

07.07.2007 Hardcore Stalkers, Living Room, Budapest/HU

22.03.2008 Groundflash, Yacht Club, Brno/CZ

12.04.2008 History Beats, Florido Club, Wien

20.09.2008 Doomsday, Florido Club, Wien

15.11.2008 Madness, Florido Club, Wien

14.03.2009 Housetriade, Progressive Club, Wien

05.06.2009 Jailbreak Charity, Club Massiv, Wien

15.01.2011 Hells Kitchen, Club Lifestyle, Wien

23.07.2011 Hells Kitchen, Replugged, Wien

12.05.2012 Brain Dead 5, FUGA, Bratislava/SK

09.07.2013 Drop Zone, Park Royal, Wien

25.04.2015 French Nights, HdB Donaustadt, Wien

13.06.2015 Drop Zone, Spitelau 10, Wien

12.12.2015 CoreFM, RadioShow, Wien